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Making Mickey / Minnie Ears

Before my Disney obsession shifted into high gear in early 2017, I had always thought that Minnie and Mickey ears were cute but they felt like a purchase that would never be worth it enough for me. Besides, I already had an R2D2 ear hat and a Sorcerer Mickey hat that would do just fine. But after appreciating so many amazing ears on Pinterest and in the parks, I realized they were the perfect accessory to complete my park outfits. I thought I would share my story of making ear headbands (which I admit, I contribute very little to because my much craftier friend Chloe has usually done the bulk of the work).

A big part of the reason that I never bought ears at Disney Parks was because I could never find ears for my favorite characters. Although there were plenty of Rapunzel ears, they always had a long blonde braid attached and I prefer short-haired brunette Rapunzel. Belle ears were always yellow or gold and I prefer blue village dress Belle, especially for Disneybounding. And Meg ears were non-existent. There were a few pairs that were contenders (such as the zebra ones at Animal Kingdom and the blue sequined ears with white stars because they reminded me of Sorcerer Mickey but when I found out they were intended as 4th of July ears, that ruined them for me) but no pairs that I absolutely had to have.

Pair #1

After looking at enough Pinterest photos of ears, I had finally come up with a solid vision for a pair of Meg ears that I would actually want that weren’t available in any Etsy shops and my friend Chloe spurred me on further by saying that she was planning on making me a pair for Christmas. Instead of having her make me a pair, we decided to make a pair for each of us next time we were together in the same place. To prepare, I spent hours perusing fabric samples on Jo-Ann’s and Michaels’ websites trying to find the perfect shades of purple and patterned ribbons. Ultimately, that didn’t matter because we spent an hour in the store anyways trying to find the materials that perfectly complemented each other, none of which were on my Pinterest board.

After deciding on a very thin fabric with glittery spirals, the light purple to go underneath it and hide the cotton stuffing, and the dark purple and golden spiral ribbon for the bow, we got to work. Despite looking pretty, these were all really poor fabric choices.

We ended up having to pin the spiral fabric and the light purple fabric together so that we could sew them with a sewing machine without them coming apart or missing some sections. Even with the pinning, it still wasn’t perfect. Then the bow fabric was so slippery it took us another 45 minutes just to glue it together with the right proportions and puffiness.


The ears were really cute and looked great in pictures but they were not very sturdy. By the time we left the park, one of my ears was coming off the headband and Chloe’s broke before we even got into the park! Thankfully, we had brought hot glue with us and she was able to repair them quickly. Can you guess which character her ears are based on?

Pair #2

The second time around, we did a lot better. For my Food & Wine ears, we selected a simple cotton print with names of wines for the ears and a much less slippery fabric for the bow in practically the exact same shade as my Meg bow. In addition to putting fewer cotton balls into each ear, we made sure the part of the ear that attached to the headband followed the curve of the headband instead of the curve of a printed template. This seemed to make all the difference! These ears stayed intact for the entire plane ride to Walt Disney World, during packing and unpacking as a I resort-hopped during my stay, my entire day at Epcot and the plane ride back home. I got so many compliments on the wine cork and how well they matched my shorts from Forever 21!

Pair #3

My Food & Wine ears were the only ears that I had time to make for my trip and in the process of preparing to make these, I stumbled upon an amazing pair of Rapunzel ears that I knew I would never be able to replicate. So I splurged and bought them because I thought they would be perfect to wear when I met Rapunzel for the first time. The coolest part about them is how they light up with the switch hidden inside the bow! Basically they are made of a bunch of small fabric flowers on a fabric-covered backing but I have no idea how the creator was able to weave the lights in.

Have you ever made ears yourself? What was your experience like?


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If Disney Princesses were PhD Students

Each and every Disney Princess is capable of putting in the dedication and effort required to earn her PhD. So if their dreams were to finish grad school, what would their theses be on?

Snow White – Materials Science and Engineering.

Based on her life at 14, which leaves a lot of time to grow and have her interests change before the typical age of entering graduate school (looking at you Princess Leia), Snow would likely get sick of cleaning up after seven little men pretty quickly. But channeling the inventiveness of real-life women who were looking to improve the efficiency of the tasks they were expected to do (and came up with a few handy things like windshield wipers, Kevlar, and solar-heated homes), Snow White would set out to study materials and their various cleaning properties. Who knows, she might even patent a robot besides the Roomba (also invented by a woman) that whistles while it works!

Cinderella – Clinical Psychology.

Her kindness and her own childhood experiences would prepare Cindy well for researching and providing therapy for her royal subjects, particularly those in foster care. Taking classes would give her knowledge of forms of care to prescribe other than befriending mice or expecting a fairy godmother. I just hope she’s more punctual with her clinical appointments by the time she graduates than she was with her the stroke of midnight.

Aurora – Neuroscience.

Specifically, she would study the still unanswered questions of why humans need sleep and how consciousness works during slumber. This would allow her to better defend her everyday arguments for why cursing the entire kingdom with 100 years of slumber was actually GOOD for everyone. She could also run studies on the neuronal activation patterns of true love’s kiss which I’m sure Prince Philip would happily volunteer for.

Ariel – Anthropology.

This little mermaid has always been fascinated by humans and would have a hard time settling in on ONE question or even just a few to answer with her dissertation. But she did seem particularly keen on fire and all its causes and consequences, although incorporating that into a likely career in museum curation (she’s already got gadgets and gizmos aplenty) might be a little difficult. Nevertheless, I’d love to see her take on an interactive exhibit about man’s red flower.

Belle – Comparative Literature.

This beauty’s obsession with stories and faraway places isn’t focused on any one time period or even language (the tale of Aladdin is rumored to be one of her favorites though). Reading through the entire library in the castle she shares with Beast would give her a voluminous head start on the adventure of earning her doctorate.

Jasmine – Economics.

She wanted to know how the people outside of her palace walls lived so she’d have to pick a program that allows for in-depth field work. This, coupled with Jasmine’s responsibilities as a sultana (I just learned a new word), makes studying economic theories a good fit. She’d learn how to determine how her policy decisions would affect the economy. This would help her devise better welfare programs than stealing bread and apples.

Pocahontas – Environmental Policy.

Protecting the natural environment is of utmost importance to this daughter of a village chief. Researching the effects of deforestation on ecosystems around the globe and the effectiveness of various grassroots organizations would probably be her choice of dissertation topic. I can see the title now – We are All Connected To Each Other: In a Circle, in a Hoop that Never Ends – because all good titles have colons.

Mulan – Political Science.

Excellent army generals are often appointed as higher-ups in government, and Mulan would definitely be my choice for Secretary of Defense. After years of researching women’s roles in government and military decisions, maybe picking up a law degree along the way, she’d have a few more diplomatic tricks up her sleeve than using fireworks as her weapon of choice. And she could pave the way for proving that women aren’t “too temperamental” to lead an army.

Tiana – Biochemistry.

Besides earning an MBA, Tiana would realize that gaining a better understanding of the chemistry of food and how humans enjoy it would be the next best thing for growing the success of her restaurants. With a working knowledge of the science of digestion, I wonder if she’d ever put frog legs on the menu.

Merida – Aerospace Engineering.

Stemming from her passion for archery, Merida would likely have an interest in other flying objects like planes and spaceships. Plus, it’s a field that has a lot of barriers to break – for women, the speed of sound, the speed of light, etc. She’d be in the thick of developing military technology as well, which would pair well with her experiences dealing with the other clans.

Rapunzel – Physics and Astronomy.

Despite the wealth of knowledge and skills that she accumulated in her years in her tower (somehow with only a few books and a lot of craft supplies at her disposal), what fascinated Rapunzel the most were the stars. Naturally, her new dream would be to study the forces that control everything from her hair’s incredible strength to the creation of “balls of gas, burning billions of miles away”, to quote one of Disney’s most philosophical characters. She might even win a few scientific images contests with her artistic inclinations.

Moana – History.

All she knows is that she is descended from voyagers and I’d bet ten coconuts that she wants to learn a little bit more about her people. Her persistence and curiosity would serve her well in navigating through the literature on Polynesian History and Culture to write an impressive dissertation. She would probably have to find a new advisor besides Maui though – who knows what the department policy on having a demi-god as a committee member would be?

What discipline do you think these twelve leading ladies would choose? Comment below with which ones you agree with most!