Trip Review: Hong Kong Disneyland Part 1

In July 2017, I turned a layover in Hong Kong into about 30 hours at Hong Kong Disneyland as a birthday present to myself. Although a typhoon warning put a serious damper on how much I was able to do in my short time there, I greatly enjoyed the experience. In this post, I give my thoughts on the attractions and entertainment in the park.

Hong Kong Unique Attractions

Mystic Point 7/10

Mystic Manor 9/10 After arriving at the park around noon, Mystic Manor was my first stop and number one priority. The queue was about 10 minutes long and full of gorgeous details from the Society for Explorers and Adventures, complete with a miniature of the Mystic Manor property; Walt would’ve been proud. Watching ride-throughs definitely lessened the coolness of the experience a bit because I knew what to expect. The soundtrack to the ride was very enjoyable and the music room was my favorite because of all the dancing instruments. As far as dark rides go, this one is amazing because all of the tech and animatronics are relatively new. Albert the monkey is adorable and at the end of the ride, I was very tempted to buy lots of Mystic Manor merchandise.


Garden of Wonders 3/10 This was just a photo op spot with structures meant to be optical illusions. There were not any cast members hanging around the area to help you get a photo with the illusion itself..


Mystic Point Freight Depot 2/10 Another photo op with even less charm than the Garden of Wonders.

Toy Story Land 6/10


Toy Story Land was beautiful with the light of the golden hour at sunset over Lantau Island. Although I did not ride anything in this land (I was in search of Mango Dole Whip which tragically is not sold anymore) it made me very excited for the Toy Story Land coming to Walt Disney World. The details of all of the childhood toys scaled up for architectural purposes- from Lincoln Logs to Tinker Toys to the giant letter puzzle and K’nex fences – gave me all the nostalgic vibes. The meet and greet for Woody, Jessie, and Buzz was well-themed.

Grizzly Gulch 5/10


I walked through this area several times to get to and from the Mystic Point area but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. A combination of Frontierland and Disneyland’s Critter Country, the theme of bears living in an old Western town is a little strange but the visibility of bears themselves was minor. The Grizzly Gulch Welcome Show a stage act of three women singing in English that was pretty good and drew a small crowd. The rest of the area has a jail photo op and water cannons to cool down.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Train ?/10 During the timeslot in which I had planned to ride this, the ride was broken and did not open for the rest of the night. With the typhoon warning the next day, the outdoor rides were slower to open so I did not have a chance to ride this before I had to leave for the airport. When I walked past it, it seemed like a Seven Dwarves Mine Train type ride – not too thrilling of a coaster – but I heard it goes backwards! This is a must-do if I ever get back to Hong Kong!


Iron Man Experience 6/10 I am not the biggest Marvel fan and I get nauseous on simulator rides but the line was really short and I was in the area so I rode it. This is essentially Star Tours but with a plot of Iron Man saving Hong Kong but I found the humor in English to be surprisingly clever.

The SHIELD Experience 8/10 This is one of the most unique attractions I’ve seen in the three Disney parks I’ve been to. I had no idea what it was going in so was definitely peeved at the extremely long queue but once I understood what the attraction was, it made sense. Small groups at a time become SHIELD agents and are led through a maze of well-decorated warehouse scenes by cast members acting as SHIELD agents in a quest to retrieve orbs of some sort before HYDRA finds them. In two of the scenes, you meet Thor and Starlord and one person gets selected each time to help them. Because I was wearing my birthday button, I got to help Starlord close a glass door but totally misunderstood the directions with all the pressure to perform and thought I had to reach into the case with a scary looking animatronic. Most of the instructions were in English so some members of our large group were a bit confused, but it was fast-paced and the acting was believable so it made for an overall very enjoyable experience.

There was also a Spiderman meet and greet but I did not wait in the queue for him (it was shorter than the SHIELD experience).


Fairy Tale Forest 8/10 I loved this area because it felt like the Storybook Canals but up close and personal. There are miniatures with moving elements for several Disney movies including Tangled, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid. The details hidden in the bushes and on the paths were especially charming. Know that the Tinker Bell meet-and-greet inside this area is optional; you can bypass it by taking a separate path.


Fantasy Gardens 4/10 This is a character meet and greet space. There weren’t any characters present as I walked through, so I just appreciated the theming of each gazebo and some pretty topiaries. Skip this if you don’t want to or don’t have time to met characters.

Hong Kong Versions of US Attractions

Railroad ?/10 I did not ride this but wanted to. It seemed like it had a convenient drop-off point near the back of the park that could save me a walk but I ended up just walking because I wanted to see as much of the castle as I could.


Jungle Cruise 6/10 This may be an unfair rating because Jungle Cruise is one of my favorite rides. Despite being “the chosen one” to carry the queue timing card to the front of the English queue, this special treatment was not enough to overcome my disappointment that my skipper was not able to communicate the dry humor effectively and instead just pointed at lots of things and described them. It was interesting to go around the island instead of a separate tucked-away track and the different ending was almost exciting enough to redeem the ride.

Tarzan’s Tree House 4/10 Taking the raft over took longer than it took me to walk through the entire treehouse which was all of the same scenes as the Disneyland version, so it was not worth my time. As you’re exiting the treehouse, keep your eyes trained towards the ground to notice footprints of some of the inhabitants.


Philharmagic 6/10 This was my first time ever seeing Philharmagic (I hadn’t seen it in WDW) so I really enjoyed it but it is exactly the same as the version in Florida with a less interesting queue. I believe I saw the show in English.

It’s a Small World 7/10 – The layout of this ride was different than in the US and seemed to have a bigger presence for the Western section and an Americas section. But it was a walk-on and lets out next to an ice cream stand instead of a gift shop. The details of the giant compass on the ground in front of the attraction made the area into one of the few spots that I thought was worth taking pictures.


Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Winnie the Pooh are the same as they are at other parks so I did not ride them. I remember expecting that the Winnie the Pooh ride would have a long wait and it seemed to be about the same as at other parks but long compared to the other rides at Hong Kong Disneyland. The Mad Hatter Tea Cups were also identical to the Disney World version, complete with a tent covering in case of rain.


Space Mountain 7/10 I literally cannot remember anything about this ride from my trip besides that I used a Fastpass for it so I don’t think the queue or the ride itself was anything special or unique from the version in either US park.

I did not ride Orbitron or Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. I wish I got to ride Orbitron because it was a different ride vehicle than Astro Orbiters but the line was always pretty long. I don’t think there was anything unique about Astro Blasters so you can skip it if you’ve ridden Disneyland’s (the better) version.


Festival of the Lion King 10/10 This show made me cry from its beauty; the singers were excellent and the flying bird scenes were incredibly graceful. There weren’t any tumbling monkeys and instead they seemed to serve as comedic relief in Mandarin but I haven’t seen the tumbling monkeys in WDW either so I couldn’t compare on that aspect. The stage itself was way cooler than the WDW version with multiple levels rising and lowering at different points during the show. The fire dancing scene was comparable. One of my favorite touches was that the floats with Simba and the other animals on them move into the center of the auditorium at the end of the show so you can get close-up pictures as you walk out.


Wondrous Book ?/10 I didn’t get to see this show because I ran out of time on my first day and the typhoon warning delayed its opening on my second day. It is supposed to be similar to Mickey and the Magical Map at Disneyland and is offered in English and Mandarin (and maybe also Cantonese)

Flights of Fantasy Parade 7/10  The floats and costumes were cute but the song was not memorable. The performers were sweating bullets in the sun and heat but their make-up still looked flawless.

Paint the Night Parade 9/10 I sat the closest I have ever been to this parade because the streets are narrower than in Disneyland and every float was that much more stunning. After having just watched Wreck-it Ralph on the plane to China, the song was that much more catchy now that I knew what it was from. Definitely do not miss this parade!

Disney in the Stars Fireworks 9/10 – I cried so much but I think it was partly due to the sweat and sunscreen getting into my eyes because it was still very warm after the sun had gone down. Right after the end of the Paint the Night Parade, I just turned around and got a spot a few rows back from the castle. We were packed in like sardines but we were sitting. There were extensive Mulan scenes which I was SO happy to see and the musical arrangement throughout was very nostalgic. The castle is not extremely large so the projections aren’t as impressive but the fireworks were still plentiful.

Of the attractions that I got to do, I did most of them on my first day between noon and park closing at 8 pm. Let me know if you have any questions about my trip in the comments below!

Check out Part 2 of my review in which I talk more about my general impressions of the park and how I occupied my time during the typhoon warning.

2 thoughts on “Trip Review: Hong Kong Disneyland Part 1

  1. You definitely need to ride grizzly mountain runaway mine train. It is really fun and intense. Has some quite big drops and is fast. Nothing like Snow White mine train. Went there last month.


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