Trip Review: Hong Kong Disneyland Part 2

If you’ve read Part 1, you’ll know that I did not get to do everything I had planned at Hong Kong Disneyland due to a typhoon warning. But several magical details made my time outside of the park just as enjoyable!


Transportation to Hong Kong Disneyland

Getting to the resort was slightly more complicated than I expected because I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to take a cab or have the entire experience of riding the Disneyland train. Cabs were taking too long so I figured out how to get to Sunny Bay station.

After asking a very helpful transportation employee how to get to the right point to transfer to the train going the right direction, a train with Mickey Mouse-shaped windows pulled into the station. And it was glorious! There were bronze statues of the Fab Five, Mickey handholds and lots of Hong Kong parents and children dressed in Disney gear head to toe. The metalwork at the final stop at the park was full of hidden Mickeys and sorcerer hat shapes. I took a quick bus to the hotel to drop off my luggage and took another back to start the adventure.

Checking In

As a birthday present to myself, I got myself a room in the Hollywood Hotel which is the cheapest option but beautifully decorated in an Art Deco style reminiscent of Buena Vista Street in California Adventure and Hollywood Studios. Each floor has classic Disney movie posters and my floor had my favorite, The Lion King! The elevator has the voices of the Fab Five announce the floors, too!

When I checked in, the restaurants were almost closed so I dashed to Hollywood & Dine, the quick service café. Most of the options that looked delicious were unavailable so I had a very mediocre plate of spaghetti. Then I stopped in to the Studio Lounge and had a mango daiquiri before heading up to bed were I found a card and crafted birthday cake awaiting me.


I’m a sucker for character breakfasts so I made it a point to go to the Explorer’s Lodge’s Dragon Wind café to meet Mickey and Minnie. Everything was delicious; I had been eating a mix of traditional Chinese breakfast food and whatever I could find in Singapore the few weeks before my Hong Kong stay so I was very happy to find congee, fresh fruit, and classic Mickey waffles. Unlike American character breakfasts where the characters walk around to the various tables, I received a card that told me I had a specific time slot to go get my picture taken. It was not too awkward eating alone because I made friends with the couple sitting next to me who were elementary school teachers and gave me several adorable presents after I took a picture with them. While I was meeting Mickey and Minnie, the cast members took lots of great pictures for me but there was also an option to purchase photos with PhotoPass.

Once I was finished with breakfast, I took a lovely stroll along the path between the resorts and the park with hopes that the typhoon warning that I had heard rumblings about would not be real. People were standing in large confused clumps but eventually cast members came out to inform us that the park would be closed until the typhoon warning de-escalated to a lower level.

After appreciating the beauty and quirkiness of the fountain in front of the parks as potentially my last glimpse of the park itself, I walked back along the path from where I had come. The flags along the path showcased a myriad of characters, even Aurora in her blue dress, and there was still theme music pumping through speakers. After looking out at as much of the bay as I could see in the mist, I turned towards the path back to the resorts.

Resort Exploring

First stop was the Disneyland Hotel. This was not particularly memorable because there was not much to explore besides well manicured lawns and a hedge maze. The Victorian theming is similar to that of the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World.

Next, I went back to the Explorer’s Lodge and walked around the four parts of the Explorer’s Lodge – Oceania, Asia, South America, and Africa. Each had its own garden with figurines of characters like Rafiki and Kevin, theme music, and details like animal footprints or shells in the pavement as the gardens transitioned from one to another. Good thing I took this time to walk around outside when it was only grey and barely sprinkling.


The Explorer’s Lodge is now my absolute favorite hotel; it’s a combination of Animal Kingdom Lodge (theming wise, without any real animals), Art of Animation, and Coronado Springs. The lobby had large windows overlooking the gardens and travel trunks filled with trinkets and clothing for Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald to use for their various adventurous hobbies like aviation and bird-watching. Downstairs there was a quick-service stop with beautiful pastries but I got some basic ice cream instead. It was good but I regret not getting a pastry. The gift shop had some unique memorabilia but the most tempting was 12″ plush versions of explorer Mickey and Minnie, complete with Minnie’s adorable wilderness heels; she is so fashionable that she has a totally different outfit than the safari outfit she wears at Tusker House or at the meet and greet in Animal Kingdom. The other restaurants seemed exquisite as well but I did not feel like spending a lot more money. I would highly recommend staying at Explorers Lodge of three hotel options currently available in Hong Kong!

Back to Hollywood Hotel

Lastly I walked the last bit back to the Hollywood Hotel. Since I had already checked out, I had to find ways to kill time with the hope that the park would still open before my flight. I explored the grounds of the Hollywood Hotel. The piano pool – one of the main reasons I chose to stay at this hotel – was closed but pretty large. The miniature Hollywood sign on a grassy knoll was a nice touch but not nearly as impressive as the real sign in Los Angeles.

I headed back indoors and grabbed a seat at a table in the Studio Lounge so I could take advantage of the dessert spread. Behind the bar, they were projecting Disney movies; Monsters, Inc. was just finishing up so I settled in and enjoyed the complimentary bar nuts. I believe I ordered an eggs benedict with salmon for my afternoon meal and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. But that might have been because I also started drinking wine before 2 pm. Right after Monsters, Inc. they showed Tangled so I was really living my best life drinking wine and watching my favorite princess movie.

The deadline for the park to re-open was drawing near; if the typhoon warning did not de-escalate by 4 pm, then the park would not open at all for the day. At some point during Tangled, they had prohibited guests from going outside because of the rain and wind so I was very thankful to have my comfortable little spot inside.

Once I heard rumblings that the typhoon warning was going to be lifted, I extensively perused the gift shop and gathered a few pressed pennies for myself and for my brother. After the warning is lifted, it still takes about an hour and a half until the park can open again.

I walked back to the front of the park where two long queues had formed. I thankfully got to use a special entrance for resort guests and dashed into the park to attempt to ride things I hadn’t ridden before. With just over an hour and a half spent in the park, I bid adieu to the park and shed a few tears as I exited to the tune of “Circle of Life.”


Other Tips for the Park

  1. If you can, get a button! Every cast member seems to be on the lookout for these buttons because while wearing my birthday button, I got stickers and smiles from all of the cast members!
  2. Take the stroll between the hotels and the park at least once during your stay if you can handle a little bit more walking! The humid summer air was comforting and the path was well-lit.
  3. Some of the information in the Hong Kong Disneyland  app is incorrect. They no longer sell chocolate covered bananas or mango dole whip which are the two snacks I was looking forward to most because I did not have a partner with whom to share the adorable dim sum that is all over Instagram.
  4. If you are staying at one of the resorts, stay until after park close to see the most empty Main Street ever! Most of the guests leave soon after park closing so they can take the train back but sitting in front of the castle or just inside the entrance is a perfect end to enjoying a day in the park.
  5. Look out for the trash cans! I thought the decor was absolutely adorable and I want wearable merchandise with the patterns!

Which international park do you want to go to most?

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